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Lennard-Jones Centre

About the Lennard-Jones Centre

The LJC brings together researchers from different departments across the University of Cambridge with a common interest in materials modelling. Our core aim is to foster an inclusive environment from which new ideas and collaborations can emerge. We take “materials modelling” to be loosely defined, but some of our interests include quantum mechanical systems, exploration of high-dimensional landscapes, and the interfaces between materials.

We run a seminar series (or “discussion group”), with talks every Monday at 4pm. These talks cover a range of topics across electronic structure, statistical mechanics, and machine learning. If you are interested in presenting, please contact Stephen Cox. We also run informal lunches and networking events: if you are interested in keeping up to date with these, please contact Lisa Masters to be added to our mailing list.

We take our name from a pioneer of computational modelling, Sir John Lennard-Jones, who was instrumental in building one of the first mechanical and soon after electronic computers at Cambridge University. We are part of the JC Maxwell node of CECAM, the community of atomistic modelling researchers in Europe.

Latest news

New activities of the Lennard-Jones Centre

20 September 2021

The Lennard-Jones Centre (LJC) was established with the aim of bringing together those across different departments across Cambridge with an interest in materials modelling. In recent times, however, its activities have not reflected the strength and depth of research in this area within the University: this is set to...

Lennard-Jones Centre under new management

20 September 2021

A small team including Angelos Michaelides, Chris Pickard, Gabor Csanyi, Stephen Cox, Chuck Witt and Christoph Schran has started in the last month to give new life to the Lennard-Jones Centre. Details are expected to follow in due course.