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Lennard-Jones Centre


The centre is run by the LJC Council, which acts as a steering committee, in which the high-level strategy of the LJC is formed and “big decisions” are made.

The LJC management team, organising the “day-to-day” activities of the centre.

Furthermore, the centre has a Student Committee for student-lead initiatives and forms Ad hoc Working Groups to organise its various activities. Currently, this comprises the following Working Groups:

  • Graduate Education
  • LJC Summer School
  • LJC Conference
  • Discussion Groups
  • Diversity, Equality & Inclusion
  • High Performance Computing

If you are interested in joining the LJC or have comments about this website, please email LJC-Admin.

The Centre was originally founded by a group of academics and in particular championed by Daan Frenkel and Mike Payne who continue to act as advisers.

Upcoming Events

Summer School 2024:

Mailing List

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Upcoming Monday Seminars

There are no upcoming talks currently scheduled in this series.