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Lennard-Jones Centre


Photo credit: Tim Rawle & Louis Sinclair

This Inaugural Meeting Will Highlight Some Contemporary Frontiers for Theory and Molecular Simulation,  Including Energy Landscapes, Machine Learning, Electronic Structure and Quantum Dynamics, Classical and Quantum Statistical Mechanics,  and Quantum Computing.
One session will be dedicated to Roy Johnston, in memoriam.

Program of Events

Poster Presentations

All registered participants are invited to present a poster. Please send your poster title to Lisa Masters

Registration and Accommodation
Please register by 1st March 2023. The registration fee of 380 pounds includes full participation in the meeting, lunch every day, refreshments, welcome barbecue, conference banquet, and activities. If you are also booking accommodation, please be sure to enter the promotional code, which you will find in the link above.


Lead of Committee: David J. Wales
Local Committee: Rosana Collepardo-Guevara, Stephen Cox, Gábor Csányi,
Venkat Kapil, Chris Pickard and Chuck Witt
Local contact: Lisa Masters

We are very grateful to our sponsors:


Location: The Howard Theatre, Downing College, Regent Street, Cambridge

Photo credit: Tim Rawle & Louis Sinclair.