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Lennard-Jones Centre


The Lennard-Jones Centre Discussion Group

This seminar series comprises a mix of internal and external speakers, and covers topics across electronic structure, statistical mechanics and machine learning. In the spirit of interdepartmental and interdisciplinary collaboration that the LJC aims to foster, with this new series we have merged previous seminar/discussion groups into one (notably this LJC seminar series now merges the electronic structure, statistical mechanics, and machine learning discussion groups).  

We will adopt a hybrid format, with an in-person focus on the first Monday of every month, provided it can be done safely. This is to fulfil one of the core aims of the LJC: to literally bring together those with similar interests, and foster an inclusive environment from which new ideas and collaborations can emerge.

Snacks and drinks will also be provided as an extra incentive!

A non-exhaustive list of recordings of past talks can be found on youtube, while the playlist is embedded below:


List of upcoming talks

The full list of talks is inlcuded below as provided by If you would like to add all events of this list to your calendar, click here.

Upcoming Events

Summer School 2024:

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Upcoming Monday Seminars

There are no upcoming talks currently scheduled in this series.