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Members of the LJC have attracted funding to support Cambridge-based scientists with GPU resources on the local Research Computing Service CSD3.

If you are a Cambridge-based researcher and would like to get access to these resources, contact the LJC admins with a short statement, indicating the use category (“new” for 100 GPU hours and “regular” for 500 GPU hours) and relevant science aims. The stated aim of the funding is to “target users that are not well served by current compute/data service provision but stand to gain significant benefit in their research activities” so it would be very helpful if requests could align with that. If you would like to participate, please email with subject “LJC-GPU” including the short use statement.

Support should be acknowledged via the following statement in research output enabled by this grant: Access to CSD3 was obtained through a University of Cambridge EPSRC Core Equipment Award EP/X034712/1.

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