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Lennard-Jones Centre


Introducing the Lennard Jones Centre Gender Equality Network: A platform dedicated to promoting gender equality and inclusivity within the molecular and materials modelling community. Our network aims to empower women and all underrepresented genders by providing opportunities for connection, research visibility, and support. Through regular events such as lunches, talks, and social gatherings, we seek to inspire and mentor the next generation of STEM leaders. All genders are welcome to join us in our endeavour to tackle challenges, promote diversity, and create a more inclusive environment in our community.

It is supported by a grant from the Inclusion & Diversity Fund of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The activities are announced in our mailing list (subscribe) and in our slack channel (ask for access here)


See past and upcoming events here.

Upcoming Events

Summer School 2024:

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Upcoming Monday Seminars

There are no upcoming talks currently scheduled in this series.