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Thanks to the Royal Society of Chemistry Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics Group for sponsoring the Poster Session

Dr Vanessa J. Bukas "Exploring mesoscopic mass transport effects  in electrocatalytic selectivity"

Conor Cafolla "Studying Patient Mortality Outcomes in Intensive Care Units Using Neural Networks and their Loss Function Landscapes" 

Dr Kara Fong "Ion transport in nanoconfined electrolyte solutions"

Christopher Haggard "Realistic simulations of IR spectra using Path-Integrals"

Dr Angela Harper “Data Informed Spectroscopy for Functional Materials”

Kristina Herman "Development of a transferable classical model to accurately describe many-body effects in aqueous ionic systems"

Dr Nicolas Hörmann "Rationalising Electrochemistry from Controlled Atomistic Simulations" 

Dr Jan Huertas "The pioneer transcription factor Oct4 alters chromatin packing"

Dr Hyunwook Jung "Machine-Learning Driven Global Optimization of Surface Adsorbate Geometries"

Dr Yair Litman "Surface-Sensitive Spectroscopy from First Principles"

Jeet Majumdar "Structure, dynamics and dielectric profile of monolayer of water confined in the slit-pore of twisted bilayer graphene"

Maria Julia Maristany "The molecular rules of Prion-Like Domain phase separation"

Nicy "Emergent properties of peptides using energy landscape"

Max Niroomand "Energy Landscapes for Gaussian Processes"

Amanda Ribeiro Guimaraes "In Silico Assessment of Novel Polyelectrophylic Chemistry Agents"

Ilija Srpak "Quantum Monte Carlo for spin systems with real space Path Integrals"

Patryk Wesołowski "Energy landscapes for proteins described by the UNRES (UNited RESidue) coarse-grained potential"

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